Under the trend of globalization, we can see that different cultures are increasingly entwined with each other. With messaging applications being more and more popular, we decided to use it as a medium for different people interested in learning different cultures to chat and connect with one another so as to learn more about the world. Since recently we also see that grow in hostility between parties due to the lack of knowledge among different ethnic groups, we think that this will be a good way out to let people make informed decisions and make friends! Break the wall between people!

What it does

It is a chatbox app which we randomly pair up people from different cultures to chat on our application.

  1. Firstly, people will register an account on our website and they can then login into our main page.
  2. The system will randomly pair up people from different cultural background and let them chat on the server.
  3. There will be a "rate" section which is to create a safety buffer zone for all the users ## How we built it We used HTML and CSS to code out the webpages. Then, we use node.js to create the server for the chat boxes with javascript and worked on using firebase to create a database(still fixing)

Challenges we ran into

Database and backend programming requires vigorous amount of work that it is hard to be finished during the limited amount of time available during the hackathon since most of us are newbies to hackathons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully created webpages and a server for messaging boxes.

What we learned

We get more used to coding in HTML CSS and also javascript. We also get to learn using different APIs such as Intelli J and which helps us simplify a lot of the process and eliminate many obstacles.

What's next for Break DA WALL

We will continue to work on the database and also improve the design of the webpage.

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