Defining The Problem:

A major global health issue is the spread of infectious disease. While modern developments have enabled us to fight disease, there remains a need for disease outbreaks to be recognized early.

One of the reasons disease outbreaks are often recognized too late is the lack of immediate access to healthcare. This is relevant to both first-world and third-world countries. People in first-world countries may not be able to shoulder the costs of visiting a physician and opt not to go, or they brush off their symptoms as insignificant and not worth the time spent for a doctor’s visit. Those in third-world countries may have to travel too far to their health care facilities and are unable to get the help they need or to have their disease treated and effectively contained. In both of these cases, insufficient or inadequate reporting of illnesses leads to a snowball effect that could cause a massive outbreak - which might have been of a smaller magnitude if health agencies like the CDC were informed earlier and mobilized to combat it.


Infectious disease surveillance serves as the core of our app. Our focus is to expedite disease reporting at a low cost. One of the most effective ways of reaching out to people is through their mobile devices.

With our app, “Break the Outbreak”, we present users with a simple and convenient means of reporting their symptoms to the CDC, their local health provider, or both. This allows health professionals to collect information - to find out when and where outbreaks are occurring.

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