Sitting at a desk for long periods can lead to poor fitness habits and poor eating habits. Break Pal solves this by delivering micro-workouts at timed intervals right to the desktop. Exercises can easily be done in a very small space and without equipment.  Throughout the day these micro-workouts add up. Users can easily get in 30 minutes of exercise during the day just by doing a few minutes at a time.

Since it is also a social network, peers on the system motivate each other to keep up with their workouts. Points are scored for each micro-workout and users can see the points of their friends right in their own profile.  There is a high level of accountability and positive feedback that goes on within the community.

Healthy food choices with nutritional information are presented each time the user goes to his own profile or the profile of a friend on the system. This creates a constant and ongoing education about healthy food choices.

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