The inspiration for our project came from personal experience during the pandemic of not having the motivation and procrastinating a lot because I lacked time management skills. Talking with many other students on discord and Reddit I realized that many students had similar problems. Which gave me the idea to make a task management app.

Our app breaks all your tasks down into daily bite-sized chunks. This makes larger tasks seem much more manageable and will increase motivation for completing work. Another thing this does is allows students to easily budget their time as they have a good understanding of how long each chunk is going to take them and can plan accordingly. 

All tasks are sorted and displayed with a time management algorithm. Our application was created using python. We used python libraries like pandas for managing CSV files, DateTime to manage dates and times, and Tkinter for the GUI. This app gives students better time management and greatly affects their grades and abilities to stay on top of their assignments. 

While we had experience with python, none of us had experience with GUI development or using CSV files to store data. We had a fun time learning about how these work. By choosing a more complex project, there was a lot to learn from it. 

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