When building our project, we were inspired by apps such as Unidays and stamp cards from boba shops.

What it does

We wanted to manage loyalty programs, reward offers, and daily deals in one convenient spot to help broke college students save money.

How we built it

We utilized react on visual studio code to build the entirety of our front end and for our back end we have cockroachDB to store the data we scraped with selenium.

Challenges we ran into

  • None of us were really familiar with react and as a result a majority of our initial time was spent reading up on different react functionalities.
  • Designing the schema of the backend, as some design choices conflicted with front end design and vice versa.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning enough about react in one day to make a functional web page.
  • Connecting back end to the front end
  • Learning jangorest and how to make an API
  • Being able to navigate difficult websites and scraping daily deals using selenium and python

What we learned

We learned to communicate a lot more thoroughly, especially on connecting design elements from backend to front. Additionally we got out of our comfort zone with familiar tools and learned to find and utilize tools that were better for the job.

What's next for Bready

  • Adding tracker for how much is saved
  • Maybe adding an AI that suggests different deals based on where you have been spending your money

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