When looking at different online tools, we had noticed that they are becoming overly priced as they can range from $25 to $150 per month. In addition, to make up for their lack of quality they make it overly frivolous by adding ROI calculators and e-commerce integrations, which most teens don’t fully understand. This can become intimidating and expensive to young entrepreneurs. Thus, we wanted to promote students to start growing their business from a young age by making an app that will support them on their journey to success

Our Solution

We wanted to make an app that is simple, fast and reliable to help new entrepreneurs guide their way through their startup business and learn more about becoming a sole proprietor. It is done in four simple steps of typing in the name of your product, the price sold and price bought, then selecting the fee. From this teens are able to track their profits in the easiest way possible.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble making it open up another screen when clicking an element in the list view. So we instead made it that when you submit it puts the item name into the list view. Then you click item and it shows on a label the details like price sold, bought and profit. Another challenge we came across was getting all of the fees. The companies were very different as some only had flat rate fees while others had percentages. Therefore we focused on the simple percentages but we plan on adding more websites in the future.

What I learned

We learned that to build an app it takes a ton of hard work. Each of us has spent hours perfecting Breadwinner making sure the app is running to the best of its ability. Also, we learned that when working in a team, you have to communicate frequently to ensure success. We were constantly sending updated versions of the app back and forth as we worked on it piece by piece. On top of that we had to effectively communicate what we worked on and how it is supposed to work. Then we discuss our issues that we came across and how we solved them. Lastly, problem solving is a key component in making an app. When we first get an idea in our heads and try it out, it's not going to work out on the first try. So we had to keep retrying until we got it to where we wanted it to be

What's next for Breadwinner

In our next steps for Breadwinner, we would like to do several things. First, we want to add more websites to the app such as Ebay, StockX, Goat and Craigslist. This will allow it to become applicable to more users. Next, we would like to add bar graphs to provide a visual representation of their growth over a period of time. Lastly, we would like to add shipping fees so that we can make the overall profit more accurate.

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