Use this tool to help you calculate the amount of time needed for your sourdough bread bake! The "Today's Bake Calculator" allows users to time their bake from starter to final loaf. This tool, broken down into seven steps, tells the user when the starter will be ready based on the time the starter was fed, the water temperature, and the ambient temperature. In step two, find the time the leaven will be ready by entering the time leaven was added, the feeding time, the temperature of the leaven, and ambient temperature. Next, the user will calculate the time the dough mixture will be ready by entering the start time, water temperature, flour temperature, and autolyse time in minutes. Then, the bulk fermentation is calculated by entering the mix start time after the autolyse stage. Enter the ambient temperature to find the time when the bulk fermentation will be complete. Then, in the fifth step, begin by entering rest start time, length of rest time, the temperature of the dough, and the ambient temperature. Once the bench rest is done, divide the dough and begin the final rise stage. First, enter the end bench rest time, ambient temperature, and proofing time length to find what time your proof will be ready. Finally, time your bake with the starting oven temperature and length of bake in minutes to see when your bake will be prepared! What's next for Breadr? We will integrate a weather API to provide a default ambient temperature, allow users to upload photos and notes to each stage, and log each bake to track progress over time. Overall, making baking a simpler and smarter process!

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