We wanted to integrate AR into developing a new and fun way for people to communicate.

What it does

Users can walk around and discover geographically-bound notes left by other users. When a user gets sufficiently close to a note, the note appears in an augmented reality interface. After reading a note, a user can choose to upvote or downvote the note, or even leave a note of their own.

How we built it

We used Javascript for the core functionality of our code along with react-native and Amazon web services to create this app.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the augmented reality with Becoming familiar with the various libraries involved including react-native and Amazon web services, resolving a variety of environmental errors, and ensuring compatibility of the app with both Android and iOS devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the AR system to display the notes in 3D space and using APIs to create a functional database that would store necessary information about users and the notes.

What we learned

App-building with react-native, using APIs to work with a database, and project management via GitHub.

What's next for Breadcrumbs

Sorting features (e.g. cycling through different notes over time at a given location), image uploading and storage capabilities, more precise AR (displaying a note on one floor of a building and not another), more direct user-to-user interaction and customization features.

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