What it does

Breadcrumbs is an app that pushes its users to collaboratively build, share, and build a network of community driven audio tours. Our interactive map display provides an overview of nearby points of interest, where from user audio tours can be browsed and enjoyed. From the Natural History Museum to your local park, our personalized guide has got you covered. Adventurous users who journey beyond the depths into the unknown, will be relieved to know that our app also has got you covered; Even if you are the first to visit a point of interest, our state of the art text to speech content generator will provide you with a informative, and historically rich tour of any landmark. If you know your local area like the back of your hand, you might consider joining our ever growing community of content creators to help contribute and promote your local landmarks. Those who rise above the rest have a chance to gain fame and glory, with their posts up-voted to the top of the ranks for even more to see. Breadcrumbs is an application that aims to bring history, culture and communities together, a simple yet ambitious goal.

How we built it

With rapid prototyping in mind, we used react native with Expo as our front-end framework, as it simplifies cross platform mobile development, and offers practical development tools such as auto reloading and API abstractions. The back-end was build on the ExpressJS framework, as the framework allowed us to cut time which would’ve been spent on writing boiler plate code. We made use of the Google places API, Voice RSS API, and the MediaWiki API for initial data collection and synthesis. Our application logic is hosted on cloud servers, namely the AWS servers.

Challenges we ran into

After a certain amount of time, we began to feel limited by Expo’s API, as it’s limited scope for file system access and uploading made it difficult for us to achieve communication between client and server. Despite Expo’s cross platform compatibility, the slight differences between iOS and Android made UI development a surprising challenge. Whilst JavaScripts’ asynchronous nature makes it efficient at performing multi tasking, coordination between components was difficult, and took us a lot of time and effort to achieve.

BreadCrumbs' Future Potential

With it’s versatile set of features, Breadcrumbs could easily be adapted to aid those with severe sight deficiencies, by providing audio guidance to circumvent day to day challenges as our community continues to build up the database. Our built in Google maps API makes it easy to adapt the application to provide tours beyond a single location, allowing us to integrate travel and tourism as a key attraction of the app. I am extremely proud of our team of two to have built such a complete product with a wide range of features, with the potential for future growth to be convincingly strong.

Cheers, Justin Chong

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