Breadcrumb allows you to trace food items from supplier to your table


This hackathon plus my previous experience in the supply chain space.

What it does

  • An administrative portal for growNYC to manage their warehouse, customers and farms
  • Sends QR Codes to restaurants to make available to customers
  • A Tracking portal so that customers can follow the "breadcrumb" trail of farm to table
  • Allows customers to invite their restaurants

How I built it

  • Everything was built from scratch including the logo, this Hackathon
  • Python web application hosted on Heroku
  • Ethereum Smart Contract accepts Breadcrumb objects and provides functions for finding them

Challenges I ran into

  • Modelling schema for a Warehouse is incredibly complicated

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I think it's an almost v1 product that could be "productionized" within a few days

What I learned

  • This stuff ain't easy
  • Gas economics are very important
  • Supply Chains need recourse, inhibiting the number of decentralized solutions

What's next for Breadcrumb

  • Further investigate Grow NYC's usecase

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