We were just hungry and realized that people everywhere end up ordering too much food and leaving to waste. We then remembered an article that we read in our of our courses about how young people are becoming increasingly lonely and afraid to find and meet new people. So we thought we would solve both issues and in doing so we created Bread Time.

What it does

Bread Time Displays a list of food available to share. You select one that you like and it will provide the locations that the food is available at. We then suggest that the users go and visit the person providing the food. And then report there experiences to the users.

How I built it

We built it using industry accepted and well-refined web development practices. We hosted the site and carried out most of the backend development through Microsoft Azure.

Challenges I ran into

A majority of our challenges were with the back end development of the platform. We had a lot of issues with updating databases and reading from the databases. We hoped to have a lot of data correction and data management running by the time the app was due but we could not complete everything that we desired, especially in the backend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of our front end development and overall look and feel to the application. We managed to not only create a very elegant front end website but and equally functional android app.

What I learned

Azure is a very powerful and useful tool that allows you to introduce a great amount of functionality into your app that was previously completely unavailable Unless you have an entire team of developers and server-grade hardware with you at all times. Some of our members learned a lot about coding and web development in general as it was there first time creating web-based applications.

What's next for Bread TIme

We hope to introduce reporting and reviewing features for each user that actually goes out and talks to the other person. We expect visitations to be confirmed by both parties before we allow them to review one another to avoid unnecessary bullying and harassment.

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