Inspiration and what it does

Ever have a friend hype a new place, but every time you're near it you forget? Or you finally remember that you need to buy groceries just as you enter your driveway?

With Bread Crumbs, you can save destinations that you want to visit later to your phone, by entering their names or selecting a locations on a map. When you are near a saved destination in the future, our app reminds you of your plans, saving you gas, time, and frustration.

How we built it

We used the Google Maps and Google Places APIs for selecting destinations (via search or on a map) and getting data about distances between destinations. This is an Android app, so through Android Studio we wrote code that could process inputted data and notify users. Additionally, we tried connecting our app with Microsoft's Band, so users can save their current destination to the app through a tile.

Challenges we ran into

Our team had trouble linking Microsoft's Band with the Android phones we were working with. Since the members of our team hadn't worked with Band before, we had trouble creating a tile on the Band, but were able to receive help from Ryan with Microsoft. Also, working with Google APIs turned out to be more difficult than we had initially thought! As a group of all first time hackathon participants, we had to build our way up from the bottom.

What's next for Bread Crumbs

This app can be used beyond travel; it can be used for helping compete to do lists efficiently. For instance, if you want to buy groceries from a certain store during the week, the app could remind you of your plan when you are near that store. Additionally, it could be extended to work with general locations, so, for instance, it could notify you when you pass by any nearby gas station. Specifically, the notification and edit list functions still need to be implemented, but they are close!

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