I have been hacked before, and being interested in cybersecurity, I decided to figure out how it was down. After some research, I found that the specific user name and password combination stolen from me was exposed in a public data breach.

What it does

Uses a neural network to automatically detect, log, and index public data breaches, allowing users to enter and email, username, or passwords, and find out which of their credentials were leaked, and from where.

How I built it

The neural network is made in python using a dataset I produced myself using previous public databases.

The database was built on PostgresSql.

The website was built in AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap. We have integrated Google's reCaptcha V3 to prevent illicit usage.

What's next for BreachDirectory

The API is currently under development due to new features such as added source details and an update to the neural net dataset.


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