Jasmine is made to help you get into investing while making sure you avoid the noise. Don't be baited by the news about "popular" stocks/companies or potentially huge gains from betting on a company. Instead, Jasmine has two API endpoints which access BlackRock's Aladdin, which in turn, returns financial information that Jasmine uses to show users the advantages of diversification.

Make sure that pipenv is installed on your system (look here https://docs.python-guide.org/dev/virtualenvs/#virtualenvironments-ref):

Challenges We Ran Into

The BlackRock API produces a vast amount of data that people not already well-versed in financial acumen can understand well, making it hard to translate it to our target audience of non-investors.


  • To look at the data run python data.py

  • To start the server run ./bootstrap.sh


  1. Clone this repository to your local via git clone hhttps://github.com/ssyuen/BRC.git

  2. cd into the cloned directory

  3. pipenv shell will activate the virtual environment.

  4. pipenv install will install the dependencies (i.e. requests.py and pandas)

  5. Make sure when you are done with development, run exit to exit out of the virtual environment. This is important to make sure you will not have to delete and re-clone the repository.

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