Having worked with RC cars previously, we noticed that typical cars have a lot of inefficiencies in their design. This project is aimed at improving these shortcomings and experimenting with innovations.

What it does

Optimize grip in cornering, and improve straight-line stability. This project can also be a platform to test ideas for full scale racecars.

How we built it

Designed using SolidWorks, we 3d printed the chassis and suspension components, then machined the pins for suspension on the lathe.

Challenges we ran into

For hardware: obtaining the desirable dimensions, difficulty accessing Makerspaces to work on the project, sourcing materials. For electronics: bringing down the voltage of the ESC output to be ready by the teensy incorporating a low pass filter, and tuning parameters to accurately determine the maximum force that can be applied to the wheels.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Incorporating Ackermann steering and magnetic suspension, CAD of the car, ability to find when slip occurs, finding wheel speed without external sensors, creating an offset variable which changes toe based on conditions of the car.

What we learned

Designing cars is very complex task, but extremely rewarding and educational.

What's next for Bravo

To continue working on improving the car by converting the 3d printed parts into carbon fiber and machined aluminum parts for increased stability and stiffness.

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