Welcome to brandify.shop

When brainstorming about an innovative, tech driven platform with real world applications, our attention was quickly drawn to the many different SME's that either aren't leveraging technology at all, or not efficiently as part of their business strategy.

We thought we could do better.

With brandify, a business owner can generate almost every asset they will need digitally for their business on the fly. Our AI driven engine takes certain information the user inputs, and then uses this to generate a logo, social media pages, as well as inspire content generated for on social media posts.

The Website

Available at brandify.shop, customers can sign up and create an account, purchase a package with the features they will require, and quickly get started with their business.

During their online intake, the user's are asked about their experience level with technology, colours and other guidelines that reflect their new brand's identity. This information is then passed to our engine, tailoring the user's experience to their brand.

The site enables our users to:

  • Generate new Facebook/Instagram Pages
  • Post user/ai-generated content to these pages
  • Generate static websites.
  • Generate simple graphics
  • Monitor Ad spend and optimise it )
  • And many more to come....

The Mobile App

When developing this concept, we quickly realised that in order to maintain simplicity and ease of use, certain features should be offloaded to a mobile app. Therefore, we have written a native iOS app with the following features:

  • Check website analytics straight from the app
  • View insights on the live traffic hitting the site
  • Check social media posts in an integrated feed
  • And many more to come....
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