@brandapp is a comprehensive built-in brand assets management dapp which helps managing brand assets while acting as a white-label brand guidelines page minted for your brand. Using ERC721 each brand minted on the brandapp has its metadata and assets hosted on the IPFS via Filecoin through the web3.storage platform. This enables us to implement a Proof of Brand consensus and mint brands on the blockchain while retaining assets and metadatas on the IPFS through FileCoin.

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Most Brands have their own whitelabel branding page with brand guidelines and assets for download. From looking for lost logos to customize them following the brand guidelines, it is arduous to have and track them all under one roof. Although there are few DAM softwares, we wanted to provide a solution where each digital brand will be treated as an digital asset through NFT by centralizing them in a decentralized way. We felt the need to have a Proof of Brand concept.

What it does

Essentially brandapp acts as a onestop solution to mint your brand as an NFT. Your Brand's assets are uploaded to the IPFS via web3.Storae tool which persists and pins the files on the FileCoin Network. We also feature a public brands page where you find brand assets for all the brands minted on our dapp. Additionally, it paves the way for creative martech allowing you to view other brand's templates. Just connect your metamask wallet and start using the dapp. Brandapp is truly decentalized by enabling the features through the following technologies.

How we built it

The platform is built using ReactJS, IPFS~Filecoin and Solidity.The app uses a Bootstrap UI design system. We chose the Polygon network for its unparalelled scalability and cheap gas fees. Organizations that need a platform for branding documents can add their guidelines in this platform by connecting their metamask wallets. Once logged in, they can create and view brand guidelines. On creating brand guidelines all the metadata is stored in IPFS via Filecoin using Web3Storage. The NFT smart contract takes care of data upload and is unique as each data is non-fungible.

Challenges we ran into

Setting the contracts methods and calling them from our dapp was challenging to setup since we tried using different libraries and finally decided to gi with Moralis SDK.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A complete web3 solution by uploading all our files on the ipfs and retaining through Filecoin and retrieving them realtime was very exciting.

What we learned

We learnt to use Solidity, IPFS clients and Moralis SDK. Ofcourse we enjoyed teamwork as the cherry on top of the cake.

What's next for Brandapp

@brandapp's future as a Proof of Brand and a decentralized Digital Asset Management tool has a huge scope in the martech industry.


Product demo on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d27TPliT4XU


Team Members:

  • Fabian Ferno
  • Gabriel Antony Xaviour
  • Veroni Shwetha D
  • Raksha VG
  • Elizabeth Subhiksha Victoria
  • Jesinthan J

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