This happened to me: a client wants some visual branding done. The client loved my work: "Can you send me the Stationary Letter Template in MicroSofT W0rD so I can use it to write letters in?"

I'd made it in InDesign but that's okay, I can get the trial version of Word and import the paragraph styles... and figure out the UI... Oh hang on, I need to set the "next paragraph style" for each element... And why are all the default styles still showing up? Dang, the footer doesn't repeat on the second page... and I can't get the grid right... Wait, what about different page sizes?

My goal with this tool is to help my client use the design that I made whilst maintaining control over the design.

What it does

It's a web tool to edit print templates. The designer creates the template, the client uses it to make a custom document. The prototype doesn't do much yet, but it does showcase the concept.

How I built it

Using Webflow pages and interactions. Nothing fancy, not even collections.

Challenges I ran into

A lack of time! Ideally, I'd have created a system that actually lets the "Designer" user build and save templates, that a "Client" user could use to create documents. That would have been the real challenge... It would have involved a LOT of javascript. For the quick demo I had to rely on native Webflow tools, which forced me to keep it basic and conceptual.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the style and simplicity. I'm also proud that I just went and made something instead of staying in the realm of ideas for a long time as I often tend to do.

What I learned

You can get pretty far in prototyping with a free Webflow project, if you're willing to be inventive.

What's next for Brand Herald

I may pick up further development if I keep bumping into the issues that got me started. But I'd have to do a serious competitive analysis first, because I have a feeling these systems are a dime a dozen. That being said, it was a fun exercise and useful for a showcase of my abilities.

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