After a collective enlightment we took up the adesso-challenge "BrainySnakeBot". We all loved snake since our first "Nokia", so the decision was pretty easy :) After a long journey through space, time and The Pixle World™, we finally created the ultimate, invincible snake bot! If you want to know how we did this, read on! :)

What it does

We tried to teach our cute snake to survive in a hostile world with dangerous walls and evil other snakes. The only ray of hope were the tasty points you could find in the world. So we optimized our snake for eating as efficiently as possible using zigzag lines. This solved the biggest challenge we ran into:

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately our snake is somehow... well blind - it only sees a 5x5 square of pixles and does not see what's immediately right or left of it. So it has to remember things it saw before to be sure it does not die by running into a wall.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well, it works :)

What we learned

Java is an ugly language.

What's next for BrainyMcBrainSnake

World domination, of course!

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