I saw the child who does not have proper water to drink and effected to dehydration and became very sick. Then I started thinking to invent a device to generate water from the atmosphere. it made me a lot to work in that field. And i secured more interest by seeing the insect Stenocara Garcilipes which generate water by its own.

What it does

My device automatically generates water from the atmosphere by using condensation and hygroscopy principle. For that, we had taken a hygroscopic element Silica Gel which adsorbs moisture from the atmosphere when it exposed to air then we heat that gel from 90-120 c and in parallel, we perform condensation process so the evaporated water condenses and forms a liquid called water. From this system, we link this to a water ATM which gives the water based on rupee which we pay for it and also it says how much water that we should take daily based on the weight which is measured at ATM.

How we built it

We build using condensation and Hygroscopic process

Challenges we ran into

The challenge which we have to solve is to design the industry to produce 500ltrs of water with this equipment

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the new approach in the generation of water and we will implement this plant to each and every home to monitor their water intake levels to provide them a healthy life

What we learned

We really learned a lot how to analyze the design completely and we met many mentors who had given a very valuable suggestion to implement our idea

What's next for Brainy Fools

During more research on this project to reach out many of the lands.

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