Architected by Shawn Taxerman, Matthew Gold, Ari Bolton, and Itai Ofir during HackDavis 2017 at the University of California, Davis

The Idea

We looked to the future of consumer health care, specifically into electroencephalograms (EEGs) to harness brain wave activity. EEG technology exists, but not at a consumer level. We envisioned a product that people wear in the privacy of their own homes, backed up by a platform that puts gathered data to good use. With the rise of AI, machine learning, and IoT , devices such as the Amazon Echo could respond to spikes in brain activity in positive ways or contact help at moments notice.

Value Proposition

BrainWave provides sufferers of Insomnia and Epilepsy with a product and software that gathers data about brain activity, and pairs that data with IoT devices that queue alleviating responses or notify others in case of emergency.


  • A wearable head garment embedded with EEGs and a PSoC to enable bluetooth communication to a mobile device.

  • A cloud-based web application that stores, analyzes, and displays brain wave data in a user's personal portal.

  • A mobile device application that sends gathered data to the cloud and communicates with IoT devices.

What we accomplished in 24 hours

  • Hacked together a make-shift EEG using hardware capable of sensing minute voltage differentials.

  • Visualized data from our EEG using Matlab

  • Transmitted data from our EEG to a mobile device using bluetooth

  • Created an Android application that graphs EEG data in real-time

  • Created and hosted a demo website showcasing dynamic time-series graph visualization of given EEG data sets

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