What it does

Brainstorm boards for Jira gives you a space to create whatever you want. Upload photos of your workshop wall, sticky notes, notes from your whiteboard and you can add them to Jira without the typing.

But there is more, by overlaying live Jira data that workshop never becomes stale. You can see whats happening - status & assignee.

Any diagram can be used to tract execution, coming to life with the power of Jira

How I built it

We've trained some machine learning models to recognise stick notes lists and paragraphs of text and transcribe them. We then do some image processing to extract colour and position.

We built an online canvas that we can add these items to and use Jira apis to allow users to interact with the diagrams to make Jira stuff happen

Challenges I ran into

Time! What I'd give for two more weeks :-) The biggest challenge was getting the canvas to be stable enough in the short timeframe. We had hoped to make it more fully-featured, but we believe it is good enough to solve the problem for the users.

What's next for Brainstorm boards for Jira

First off, we need to get it ready for prime time. There are a few hardening activities and a lot of testing to be done before we can add it to the marketplace.

Soon we'd like to strengthen the team features, having multiple people editing the canvas and seeing what is going on with everyone would be both cool and useful.

Integration into video conferencing would be cool too to support the 'new normal' ways of working

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