BrainSense is a series of 3 exercises to test your spatial intelligence, attention and memory.

Spatial Intelligence- You are positioned in a 3D world filled with colourful shapes with a map of the world at hand. By using the shapes around you as references you must indicate where you are on the map. The levels become increasingly difficult and after a series of levels your spatial intelligence is graded as a percentage. This is the type of intelligence used when you try to orient yourself on a map.

Attention- You are positioned inside of a bee hive filled with buzzing bees. At the start of the exercise one bee glows to indicate that it is the one that must be tracked. The exercise begins and all the bees flutter around in the hive for several seconds before landing. Once they land you must select the bee that was originally indicated with a glow. You will only have three attempts to select the correct bee before you move onto the next level. The time that the bees spend flying around before you are able to select them increases each level. At the end of all levels your attention will be calculated as a percentage.

Memory- Colourful orbs surround your 180 degree field of view. The orbs glow in a particular sequence. You must recreate that sequence by selecting the orbs you saw glow. The patterns get increasingly difficult and your memory is judged as a percentage after all the levels are complete.

Most “brain trainers” make false claims to improve spatial intelligence. We’ve been working with a professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at York St Johns University in the UK to validate a way to measure cognitive intelligence and to create experiences that make good use of virtual reality to so.

We plan on expanding the catalog of cognitive exercises in BrainSense, most of them as tools simply to measure these abilities. Some of them have been conceptualized, but we would love to continue inventing more.

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