BrainHack Mind Search

Ever thought of using your thought to control something? Think about it now!

Presenting the first Browser Search powered with your BRAIN.. Yes, You thought it right... This is a repository for BrainHack Mindsearch made exclusively for Microsoft Azure AI Hackathon on devpost.

Hardware eused :

1) EMOTIV EPOC+ : A headset to read your BRAIN..Head on to and grab yours.

Software used :

1) NODE-Red : To Interface the headset and the Browser based Microsoft Bing Search API 2) NodeJS 3) Microsoft Azure : 4) EMOTIV BCI 5) CortexUI

Microsoft Cognitive Services used :

1) Bing Web Search API v7

How it works?

The EMOTIV Headset is a 14 channel EEG headset capable of collecting your brainwaves and then analyzing it and associating it with a mental command. Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. Here, it is used to interface the EMOTIV EPOC+ to the Browser. The headset detects your brainwaves and maps it to the four trained commands (that you did initially) and gives the output on a scale of 0-100 for each of the four command. If your current thought is similar to the one that you trained initally to the headset, it can recognize it and the corresponding output will be high. If it crosses a particular threshold (currently 60), then it triggers a new Browser Window and searches for the current thought on the Internet with Microsoft Bing Search. That's it...Now go and THINK...

How to use it?

1) Clone the repository 2) Install NodeJS and Node-Red and get your licence key for Bing Search for Microsoft 3) Navigate to all the folders and start the Node Server for each on 4 different ports( already configured in code) 4) Start the Node Red server 5) Import the NODE-Red flow in the Node-Red Dashboard 6) Deploy the Node-Red flow 7) Log-in to EMOTIV BCI (sign up for free licence) and train your EMOTIV EPOC+ to identify the four commands associated with four desired actions (Here, I have trained it to identify the following commands : Thinking about songs, games, food and travel) 8) Connect EMOTIV EPOC+ to the deployed NODE-Red flow and open the Node-Red UI 9) THINK...THINK...THINK (and be surprised!)

Future work :

A lot more coming to this new technology of Brain Computer Interface. Even Microsoft has released details of a "brain control" interface that decodes electrical signals from the brain - instead of gestures - to launch and operate apps and web browsers. All the major tech giants like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are also in the quest to make the first commercial Brain Computer interface products

I plan to make the device that decodes our brainwaves to detect when the users want to swipe, open an app, push a button or click on the mouse.

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