This is an interpreter for a custom programming language I created, vaguely resembling assembler. It uses 3-letter tokens for each command, as well as some parameters. This code will take an input of a text file containing the source code, and will run the code in a console window.

Commands for this include:

DIM - Create numerical variable

SLC - "Select" a variable

SET - Set the selected variable to a value

OUT - Output the selected variable's value

SAY - Output a message to the console

GET - Grab a value from the keyboard, store in selected variable

_IF [EQL/LSS/GRE/DIF] [VAR/NUM] [Parameter] - Executes the following block if the parameter is met

END - Ends an _IF block. _IF blocks can be nested.

LBL - Creates a goto label

JMP - Jump to a label ("goto")

ARR - Stub for array operations: ex. "ARR NEW CHAR A" creates a new char[] named "A"

... And more.

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