Our insane brains. And a random love of brainfuck. They don't mix well together.

What it does

It's Tetris*. Seriously, you shouldn't need more than that. If you do, there's a whole wiki dedicated to it.

How we built it

The interpreter is built in node.js, along with a pre-processor to link brainfuck files together. We used Python scripts to generate a lot of the repetitive code. Finally, the game itself is built using brainfuck.

Challenges we ran into

  • Chasing after a missing < for three hours
  • Being an idiot with the interpreter by not matching the loops properly
  • Writing 400 +'s in a row
  • It being incomplete
  • Dealing with American-British spelling inconsistencies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Staying sane
  • Having something written
  • Making the linker and interpreter work

What we have learnt

  • brainfuck is fun
  • brainfuck is bad
  • linkers are useful

What's next for Brainfuck Tetris

  • Let's be honest, probably not much. We don't think there's much of a demand for it.

* Not Tetris, because it's incomplete.

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