We identified a problem: our generation, and those below us, have stopped reading brain stimulating literature and instead spend time browsing web pages containing content that does not mentally improve us. This results in a diminished vocabulary across and below our age groups.

Although we recognized we could not convince people to read more books, we realized we could improve the content they see every time they visit a site -- in particular sites with lots of user-generated content such as Facebook and Twitter.

Our solution is 'Brainblaze': a Google Chrome extension that intelligently identifies words that could be replaced by their 'smarter' counterparts. Our free extension is made for the 'lazy man/woman.' Once installed, the user can continue browsing as they always have; however, now they will be slowly building up the vocabulary as they do.

tl;dr Brainblaze converts words to their 'smarter' thesuarsized counterparts to make web users smarter as they browse the internet.

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