How effective is your studying? What are your eduction goals?

What it does

Tracks your studying habits over time, linking them to school performance

How we built it

Using a Python backend with a Postgresql database tied to SQLAlchemy, and Flask with jinja templates, tied to the Twilio API, the Target API and using Bluemix as our host

Challenges we ran into

Bluemix completely crashed, had issues so it was harder to implement Postgresql, Target API had limited functionality, and Clusterpoint was a NoSQL database which wasn't something we were familiar with

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have an MVP after two days!

What we learned

Always assume the internet will not work, ever, under any circumstances, and assume that the person giving the lecture you're interested in won't show up, and don't wait for food, just keep coding.

Always keep coding.

What's next for

Implementing filesharing with ClusterPoint, enabling different levels of user(e.g. teachers, parents, making tutors a special class), integrating a video platform, creating a mobile app and hosting with a DNS.

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