For many years, neurologists have been trying to understand the signals from the brain in order to detect behavioural changes with respect to accidents, psychological aspects of how different people think and the operational variation in their brains. Brain, however, still remains to be a black box. Brainalyzer helps understand brain waves with simple mathematical operations and classifies the activity based on the shape and frequency of the wave.

This was built using MATLAB. I have worked with the software quiet a lot of times and found the need to use MATLAB as it deals with mathematical operations more efficiently.

Some of the challenges I faced include the amount of data available online and the very less research performed in the field of studying brain waves.

I am proud of being able to detect the difference in the EEG data of a normal person and a person with epilepsy. This can help detect epileptic seizures even before they have occurred.

I learned to work with different libraries on MATLAB and also tried to classify the data using a Neural Networks platform.

Brainalyzer has the potential to be converted into a hardware product to help detect symptoms of diseases just by looking at the EEG waves and this does not require any surgical methods.

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