One of our team members has epilepsy and we wanted to make an app that would be convenient for them and other epileptic people.

What it does

  • Calendar that records seizure dates
  • Medication reminder alarms
  • Store emergency contact info
  • Lifestyle tracking (sleep, meals, exercise)
  • Keep track of medical history

Challenges we ran into

  • We're all beginners, so even knowing where to start was a challenge
  • Unfamiliar with the mobile app development process
  • Adapting to a new programming language (Flutter) and new code compilers

What we learned

  • Developed a sense of the software development workflow
  • Learned what an app wireframe is and how to make one
  • Gained familiarity with the Flutter programming language

What's next for Brain Wave (Epilepsy tracker)

  • Account creation (cloud storage)
  • Implement alarms

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