Today, technology is developing vastly, so even the medical sector needs to be taken care of. We had worked on a project for skin disease detection earlier and many people got impressed by it. We also received an offer from a medical company to work along with them and continue the project. We were overwhelmed by this and were inspired for the betterment of mankind. Many people are unable to consult doctors due to poor medical services, so by this app, they can do a simple diagnosis and many lives can be saved. That is what inspired us to work.

What it does

An android app that detects whether there is a Brain tumor from an MRI scan

How we built it

Firstly, we have found the dataset link. As the data was not sufficient we augmented it using a python program. We have uploaded data to the Custom Vision Cognitive service of Microsoft Azure and Trained the model. We have exported the model as in TensorFlow and tflite format and imported it into the android project and build an image classifier apk. Finally, we installed the apk on mobile and scanned the images

Challenges we ran into

Insufficient Dataset Integrating the model into the application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made the app successfully and with good accuracy within a given timeframe Teamwork

What we learned

Apart from the technical part, we have learned many things like time management, work distribution, got exposure to new platforms, and a whole new experience

What's next for Brain Tumor Detector

We will add map services that will lead the patient to the nearest Neurologist

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