Disclaimer: This project is not eligible for prizes. Just for fun!

What it does

Collect EEG data (i.e. brainwaves) and classify your mental states. One common mental state that is often classified is motor imagery, that is to say imagined motor movements (e.g moving your hand left or right). By classifying data from the motor cortex we can extract controls to interact with the physical/digital world.

Building blocks

Cloudbrain for the EEG data collection. NuPIC for the EEG data classification. OpenBCI for the EEG data acquisition.


We built a similar project for the Exploratorium of SF but not with the HTM. We learned from the Exploratorium exhibit that neurofeedback is going to be key for a good user experience in this project. And of course a quality classifier for the temporal data :-)

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posted an update

We put the app online. If you have an OpenBCI device, you can try to control the minion with your mind. If you don't have an OpenBCI:

  • We'll bring one at the HTM Challenge onsite, so you can try it.
  • You can still control the minion manually with the A and L keys.

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