Location: Media Lab

Floor: 6th floor

Room: Purple Room

Development Tools: Unity, Python, PHP, Node.js

SDKs:Unity, Neurable

APIs: Centiment API

outsourced assets: n/A

libraries used: numpy, NMe, scikit learm, R, Unity

Pre-existing components: Centiment API

library(dplyr) #Data manipulation (also included in the tidyverse package) library(tidytext) #Text mining library(tidyr) #Spread, separate, unite, text mining (also included in the tidyverse package) library(widyr) #Use for pairwise correlation


library(ggplot2) #Visualizations (also included in the tidyverse package) library(ggrepel) #geom_label_repel library(gridExtra) #grid.arrange() for multi-graphs library(knitr) #Create nicely formatted output tables library(kableExtra) #Create nicely formatted output tables library(formattable) #For the color_tile function library(circlize) #Visualizations - chord diagram require(memery) #memes - images with plots library(magick) #memes - images with plots (image_read) library(yarrr) #Pirate plot library(radarchart) #Visualizations library(igraph) #ngram network diagrams library(ggraph) #ngram network diagrams library(sentimentr) library(DataCombine)


Brain Rap is inspired by the mis-characterization of Black music artists and interactive musical change.

What it does

Brain Rap uses EEG, emotion, and live performance to sharpen efficacy and performance skills for musicians. Not only does it enhance the creativity of artists through emotional response, but also the awareness of self on stage. By analyzing data captured with Brain Rap, musicians are able to tailor their performance. Brain rap takes out the guess work of what is working and what is not, leaving more time for the artists to focus on lyrics and performance. The only NAI+ (neuro artificial intelligence) marketing artist development tool on the market.

How we built it

Brain Rap is built using Emotiv SDK, Unity SDK, Touch Designer SDK, Neurable SDK

Challenges we ran into

Emotiv SDK didn't work properly, switched to neurable SDK

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting Neurable to work, connecting Centiment API

What we learned

That the team is strong.

What's next for Brain Rap

Make this into a commercial product

Built With

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