We liked the challenge of company "CodePlay" which was to create the most ridiculous programming language and compiler and we also wanted to try out leap motion. Thus we decided to use leap motion for writing the language and since leap motions gestures and time given in hackathon are very limited, we decided to go with the most minimalistic and simplistic programming language called "Brainfuck".

What it does

You can write "Brainfuck" code with hand gestures using leap motion and then the program compiles what you just written outputing the result in a text file.

Challenges I ran into

Leap motion was not very good at recognising similar hand gestures, thus sometimes the gestures had to be repeated few times in order to make the input. Mac and Windows tend to interpret frameworks in a slightly different ways, thus some of us were forced to contribute to the project without actually having one on their computer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

I improved my leap motion implementation skills, learned that there exist programming language which is actually called "Brainfuck", got some great ideas from other contestants about their projects.

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