Brain Hacks

We are all familiar with tiredness, but are very bad at evaluating how much it is affecting us. Coding while exhausted only adds to the vividness of our commit messages. Other activities such as driving, however, are much less safe when not properly rested.

Our Team

Our lead designer has worked in multiple neuroscience laboratories, and everyone on our team has submitted college apps in the last few months. So you could say we know a thing or two about operating under acute and chronic exhaustion. Going 21 hours without sleep is about equivalent to a BAC level of .08 (over the legal limit). But you can't feel the tiredness; all you feel is the desire for that 8th can of Red Bull.

Our App

Enter "Brain Hacks," a cross-platform mobile application geared towards anyone who isn't getting 9 hours a night. Brain Hacks uses a combination of medically proven and heuristic tests to quantify an individual's mental abilities in four key areas. Brain Hacks measures alertness, problem solving, reaction time, and decision making, because these are the most apparent detriments to mental state when tired or intoxicated.

A user will set up the app when they are clear of mind, such as the night before a party. They will go through all of the tests to establish a baseline. The next night, the user can test their mental faculties against their baseline, with scores decreasing as they become more "exhausted." These clear analytics can allow the user to make an educated choice about their abilities, and may convince them that taking an Uber home is a better idea.

Our Favorite Features

Our design philosophy is targeted towards the tired and inebriated. Everything is clearly and beautifully laid out with an emphasis on minimalism that will appeal to anyone in need of a nap. We have implemented simple and proven tests and easily understood graphs, altogether resulting in an experience the 1 AM user will treasure.

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