We were inspired by Bea's story, a person living with the condition who enjoys word games. There is a need for leisure games that are user-friendly to those living with the disease.

Uses an adaptable gaming concept: the game learns from the user and adjusts accordingly to be at a comfortable difficulty level to stay fun and not become frustrating.


  • Ability to set up an e-mail to send metrics to the player, a family member or caregiver.

  • Developed in Unity, can be ported to any platform/device (including iOS, web, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, Blackberry, WIndows Phone 8).

  • Collects metrics to adapt itself to the person's playing style. If you go through the game quickly, the game will increase slightly in difficulty in words and grid size. If it takes longer than usual, the game will become easier.

  • More accessible, bigger font sizes and simplified interface.


  • Player will be able to select categories of word searches.

  • Personalized word search option. The player, caregiver, or family member will input answers to questions about the player such as their favourite song, favourite place, and integrate the answers into the word search.

  • Apply adaptable gaming to other games to make it more accessible for those living with progressive memory deficit.

  • In the longer term, will be able to detect patterns. For example, if you play better in the morning it will start off at a higher difficulty level than when you start a game at night.

  • Social aspects: Option to link up to Facebook, Google Play leaderboards.

  • Long-term metrics could be useful for players, caregivers, or family members

** The APK has been included with submission.

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