What it does

A voting machine for blind people - It accepts input from buttons with braille labels below to toggle through and select from a list of candidates. It tallies the votes on a server

How we built it

We utilized python modules, arduino code, and a server

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have sufficient hardware, required adventures off campus to acquire the hardware Fixing bugs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made it work, proud of the elegance of our final product display, though this is rather ironic. It also functions!

What we learned

Arduino, how to wire and code momentary tactile switches

What's next for Braille Vote

Make it more elaborate and more similar to the true voting process, including name, state, etc.

Built With

  • arduino-software
  • arduino-uno
  • breadboard
  • cardboard
  • electrical-tape
  • male-male-wires
  • masking-tape
  • momentary-tactile-switches
  • paper
  • python
  • sql
  • xampp
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