Making braille is hard- it requires specialized stamping equipment or expensive machines. This program aims to make creating braille quick and easy.

What it does

The program converts input text or a file into printable images with translated braille. You can configure page size, font size, spacing, margins, colors, make it mirrored, and more. To make braille, convert text and print the image. Then create indentations on the markings using a blunt point. The resulting paper should have indentations that are readable.

How I built it

The program has 2 classes: a Paper class and a Character class. The Paper class is used to create pages. Th Character class is used to communicate info to be displayed on each page. It translates input using a dictionary of 6-digit binaries.

Challenges I ran into

It was hard to get the braille to display correctly in the right locations, especially when using hundreds of characters. Creating multiple pages was also difficult, as well as making the characters follow the rules of braille, such as capitalization and numbers.

What's next for Braille Converter

It currently only translates using a few basic rules. It doesn't translate common words into braille abbreviations, which would be the next step to making it be a better translator.

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