Today's situation in the world made our team think about the global problem that universe is facing right now. The main way of getting infected by the virus are our hands. While touching or face we are at a great risk of being infected. To avoid spreading virus diseases especially corona virus we are creating an electronic device that will protect every consumer from infection and rapidly reduce spreading the virus in the society.

What it does

Our project is an electronic bracelet that warns us every time we try to touch our face. Consumer can get sound warning as well as vibrating one.

How we built it

The prototype of device is built with: arduino-nano, gyroscope sensor, vibration module, loud-speaker, custom designed bracelet, mobile app for startup and calibration of the device.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges of this project are technical ones. Speed, accuracy and portable design are the main milestone to achieve while developing the product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The main advantage of our team is the qualification and enormous experience of each member of the crew. We have successfully participated in many local and several international hackathons and start-up contests. It's us what will make our project change the world.

What we learned

The best skill that we probably gained is the ability of working remotely on a project.

What's next for Bracelet19

Developing the fully-functional prototype and designing the final product is the main goal of ours.

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