In today's agile era, business architects and product owners spend significant time creating process models and managing process repository. However, when the implementation starts, they are nothing but an visual artifact with all functional characteristics not being used. Ability to synchronise process models with Pega (process modelling with execution) allows business and IT to be in sync ensuring faster digital transformations.

Shows all the process models/flows. Allows to import BPMN models as XML and generate executable flows.

Overwrite the OOTB PegaAccel-Task-Harvest utility to use correct XSL transformers and BPMN 2.0 as transformation schema.

Customised OOTB harvest module to debug and fix. Map BPMN shapes to Process flow steps.

Ability to transform complex BPMN model into a functional process model to be used in Case Modelling

How BPMN 2.0 can be transformed into a Pega process rules

Next steps: Map CMMN and DMN models to make Case Designing fully automated with process repository Allow improved managing of process models as a repository similar to other modelling tools

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