Navigating an ever-evolving world of technology is challenging for many seniors. As many health applications and communications move online, seniors may feel that they are losing touch with their personal health. Blood Pressure Buddy helps seniors to be independent and proactive about their cardiovascular health.

What it does

Blood Pressure Buddy is a blood pressure tracker targeted toward senior users. Through voice dictation, it records blood pressure readings from an external blood pressure monitor. The date and time of the readings are saved into a table. Readings are interpreted, and users are notified if their blood pressure is good or bad. Users can view weekly and monthly overall trends through graphs of their blood pressure on the Statistics page. The Learn More page features concise, useful advice on how to improve cardiovascular health.

Tailored to senior citizens, Blood Pressure Buddy has key features that ease the use of technology. Users can easily access the website through a chrome extension instead of having to look up the URL each time. Our website features large, sans serif fonts for optimum readability. As many seniors are not proficient at typing on a keyboard, and many suffer from arthritis which reduces their dexterity, the voice-to-text feature allows them to record their blood pressure hands-free! They can select their most familiar language for the voice-to-text.

How we built it

Front-end: The website and chrome extension are built in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We created an HTML form complete with csrf tokens for the login page, which sent a POST request to the backend with user information. We implemented the voice dictation feature through a Web Speech voice-to-text API to interpret English (very well) and (quite poorly). The graphs are built in JavaScript and styled in CSS using the CanvaJS library.

Back-end:The back-end is hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet running Nginx and Gunicorn. The backend user authentication is achieved using django and we have an SQLite database being used to store user's data.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into difficulties with linking the Add Data and Statistics page to the navigation bar. We also struggled with configuring Gunicorn to communicate with the Nginx server as it was new for everyone. As some of us are new to GitHub, we spent some time troubleshooting errors with pushing and pulling changes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the website's senior-friendly design. Our favourite part is the Add Data page and the voice-to-text feature. We are also quite proud of creating an actual server and connecting the back and front end together, considering all of us are quite new to full stack development!

What we learned

Our team learned a lot in the process of making Blood Pressure Buddy. Kirsten is a beginner to coding, so she learned a lot about making graphs in JavaScript. This was Andrea's first time working with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, so she learned a lot of syntax and how to style web pages. Kyle gained more confidence with configuring a backend server using Django. Lavan learned about Git commands, jQuery, and JavaScript functions.

What's next for Blood Pressure Buddy

We want the graphs in Statistics to correspond to the user's inputted data by connecting the data input to the backend database and displaying said data in the graphs. We will also change the API used for voice-to-text because the voice detection for languages other than English did not work well with the API we used. Blood Pressure Buddy also needs a registration page.

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