Boxer for Salesforce brings the power of the world’s #1 CRM app to the world’s most advanced mobile inbox to drive sales rep engagement.

Features: Contextual Data – An amazing user experience is all about surfacing valuable information in context. Boxer delivers by bringing rich customer data right where we interact with our customers – the inbox. By connecting Boxer to Saleforce users can see the customer, opportunity, and case information right within their email messages. Beyond simple data display, Boxer also allows users to use intuitive swipe gestures to update key Salesforce data such as opportunity stage, deal size and expected close date.

Rich User Profiles – More than just contact synchronization, Boxer brings full account and customer history into the context of our user profile. Users can see their synchronized contact information, full email history, and complete Salesforce activity.

Smart Reminders – Leveraging the full power of the Salesforce Platform, Boxer’s real innovation is in our “Smart Reminders.” Smart Reminders learn from both your email and Salesforce data, and surface prioritized reminders for contract renewals, overdue support tickets, and unanswered email messages. Ensuring no customer email goes unanswered and no support issue goes unnoticed drives tremendous value for both sales professionals and their customers.

Get to the future of email first with Boxer for Salesforce.

Notes: TestFlight sign-up issues or technical challenges? Contact Tim Sullivan - 630-936-7545

*Our submission cannot be compiled on its own. It is an integration with an existing product. We’ve attached all source code for the Salesforce integration.

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