Traditional means of shipping can be expensive, inefficient, and stressful. For example, one of the struggles we have to deal with is constantly worrying about the size and weight of our packages. In fact, as our society advances, this issue becomes even more prominent, which is why we developed this idea of a more effective means of package delivery.

What it does

Our web app connects people who want to send packages with drivers already en route to package destination. This way, drivers do not have to deviate much from their original destination, creating a more effective means of transportation. A user sends a request, and a driver picks up the package. The driver can then proceed in his or her original direction and simply drop off the package at its destination, with the benefit of earning additional income.

How we built it

Front End - We started with a basic home screen and we added additional features and pages, using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, with the help of the Bootstrap library. Using animations along with an idea for a simplistic design, we ended up with a very elegant and sophisticated web app. Back End - We used the HERE API to generate a map with starting and ending locations. We used Pubnub services to communicate with other devices to send map locations, costs of the delivery, and ETAs.

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges that we encountered in the development process was the integration of the front end with the back end. More specifically, due to our limited experience and knowledge, we had trouble with combining JavaScript features with the HTML and CSS files; however, through much research and help from the organizers, we were able to complete this task. Furthermore, this was our first time working with API's, so there was a learning curve for that area as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Integration of HTML,CSS and JavaScript
  • Working with various API's for the first time
  • Developing a sophisticated and professional front end interface for our web app
  • Finishing the main functionality of our app within the allotted time

What we learned

  • We learned how to effectively use data from API's in our programs
  • We learned how to Bootstrap to develop a front-end interface for our web app
  • We learned how to effectively integrate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to create a cohesive and comprehensive web app
  • We learned to use Pubnub services to seamlessly communicate across devices

This was kind of our first time doing all this.

What's next for Box Drop

  • Our end goal is to employ a fully-functional app that will be a popular startup. As of our next development of Box Drop, we want to be able to generate tickets, indicating that there are more than 1 request to deliver packages for a driver.
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