We were inspired by the limitless applications of Arduino & LEGOs, so we decided to experiment with them.

What it does

This box encloses the greatest power known to man. But the only way to access it is to solve our series of puzzles. Upon completion of each puzzle, the beholder is given small portions of a code that when punched into the keypad on the side of the box will reveal the hidden secret.

How we built it

We used a LEGO Mindstorm NXT kit to build the framework of the box. The app for the box was made on Android Studio. We used a breadboard circuit on one of the sides of the box as our first puzzle and the keypad on the other to take in the access code obtained by completing the remaining puzzles on the app (we used an arduino uno to control these).

Challenges we ran into

The color sensor that opens the box at the end wouldn't register the LED that we used to signal it. Complex circuitry. Efficient communication between the application, the arduino, the legos, the laptop etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned a ton about

  • Arduino
  • Complex circuitry
  • Android Studio
  • Data decryption. And did not die.

What we learned

We each had a different skill set that we brought to the table, and by working with one another we were able to teach and learn skills like app development, circuitry, and different coding languages.

What's next for Box

It is a fun tool aimed for enthusiasts who love to solve complex engineering puzzles and decryption of data. Will hopefully sell for a billion dollars.

What each member did

Jacob Brown: Integrated the circuitry and developed the arduino code (Was our Circuit Master)

Shubham Sharma: Implemented LEGO and arduino into one framework (Was our Lego Man)

Kynara Fernandes: Created the user interfaced application. Drank her first monster. (Was our Mastermind)

Cole Whitney: Integrated the hardware and electrical components into one main system. Had car and drove everyone (crazy). (Was our Hardware Specialist)

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