I am a fencer and while refereeing, I often have a hard time remembering scores and keeping track of the cards people have received.

What it does

It allows fencers to keep score during their bouts.

How I built it

I used swift

Challenges I ran into

Autolayout was a big issue, I'm still working on it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Adding the card functionality, other fencing scoring apps I've seen neglect this, and it's pretty frustrating.

What I learned

I learned that if I have a need for something I can make it myself rather than just wishing for it to appear.

What's next for Bout Time

Adding the ability for the user to change the default time. I'd also like to add a piece where the user could input their weapon and the amount of points they're fencing to and my app would set the timer for them.

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