Introduction and Inspiration

The story behind Bountee started a week ago when Leon and Michael both were craving McDonalds at 4a.m. Since McDonalds doesn't deliver, we thought of the next best thing: what if we paid someone to pick it up for us? This is why we developed Bountee; a market place for bounty "hunters" and bounty "posters".

A bounty poster is one who creates a listing on the Bountee website. A bounty hunter is one who performs the tasks requested on the listing.

Target Market

Our target bounty hunter is a person aged 18 to 50 years old. They must be willing to pay a small fee to receive the delivery (door-to-door) service. Our target bounty hunter is a college student looking to earn a side income. Completing bounties is a great way to generate a part-time income as the hours are completely flexible and minimal travel is necessary.

Key Features

Our key features are:

  • Natural language processing input for tasks
  • Beautiful design
  • Cash free payment - payment goes directly from the poster's account to our escrow account to the hunter's account
  • Exceptional customer service
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