Boundless's goal is to create an in-flight environment that will not be the typical, tedious, and tiring journey that you only wish would speed up. Instead the airplane journey will become a time of adventure and exploration. Let the tourism start early with the Google Cardboard virtual reality set. Each passenger will be provided with a google cardboard, and as the flight passes over exotic locations, the passengers will be able to explore the various attractions located beneath them. Imagine the cool museums, the thriving metropolitan, the breathtaking national parks. All of these can be accessed through the Boundless website.

What it does

While on the flight, passengers will be provided with the Boundless website link and a Google Cardboard. Upon entering the website, they will be prompted to enter their flight number. The airplane's flight path will appear on screen and passengers will be able to select and explore the locations in virtual reality as they fly over them.

Challenges we ran into

Over the duration of the project, we faced many challenges. Mainly, it was hard to configure the virtual reality properly so that it would work with our website. Additionally, we had to research API's and flight tracking mechanisms in order to design a functional project. After integrating a map into our website, we had difficulty linking the virtual reality simulations to the app.

What's next for Boundless

Our next steps include partnering with an airline and linking our website to their mobile apps. We would also like to add more virtual reality locations that have more information and attraction details provided. Additionally, the website will prompt passengers with an option to purchase flight tickets to visit the locations that they toured through virtual reality.

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