Be it a birthday party, anniversary or any other celebration.. if it involves a club or an active nightlife, Your night can be made or hindered by the club bouncr who lets you in, or keeps you out.

Bouncr.club gets in your the bouncrs guest list for a fee.

What it does

Bouncr.club is a nightlife discovery platform for socialites who prefer to skip the line. Subscribe to a bouncer and skip the line for a fee. A bouncr you've subscribed to in the past, can also get you on the guest list of other bouncers.

How we built it

Bouncr.club is built using the ionic framework.

Challenges we ran into

Our goal is not to add on to the already difficult task for the bouncr. It was a challenge to get the app limited to 2 - 3 button actions by busy bouncrs.

What's next for Bouncr.club

Bouncr.club will start trials in oakland in the coming weeks. We have 20 bouncers ready to go.

Built With

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