Project Description

Classic 3D video games generally require complex and pricy depth perception systems such as the Kinect. By using Hailo-8 (on M.2) we can replace this intricate system with a novel but simple approach.

System Setup

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  • A complex system sends 3D info for each pixel in the frame
  • The PC/XBOX processes the data Hailo8:
  • A simple webcam sends a video stream via USB to the host (a laptop)
  • The laptop which consists Hailo’s M.2 module, runs centerpose NN
  • The resulting inference of skeleton key-points is used as an input to the game

The Game

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Industry and Market

  • The game industry is a multi-billion-dollar market striving for new thrilling technologies.
  • Replacing existing systems with Hailo’s solution can cut BOM expenses, simplify the system and increase profit margins.
  • This is just an example of the capabilities and opportunities that can be achieved by using Hailo’s HW accelerator.
  • Countless games and applications can be developed using neural networks.

User Adoption

  • Maker communities that are capable of acquiring Hailo’s platform.
  • Gaming platform providers (Sony, Nintendo, etc.).
  • Specifically during the COVID19 pandemic, resulting in mass worldwide quarantine, the necessity of indoor sports and activities rises greatly.

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