During these last couple of months, we've had an especially hard time finding inspiration. Hand-in-hand with the pandemic came isolation and our processes, which rely heavily on iteration and feedback loops, suddenly stood still. We took this weekend to figure out a way to give creative professionals back their flow.

What it does

Our site allows users to upload general ideas or fully-fletched concepts and matches them with another creative pro - either with a colleague inside their company or a stranger in Australia. Any creative stuck in a rut can log into our tool and request someone else's opinion on either a small portion of his work or an overall idea. After completing a short onboarding users immediately get the chance to share their work. Their session is then matched to another creative from the requested expertise. The canvas allows for notes, free drawing, creating visual aids by using shapes, and adding pictures. The sessions can be saved and reaccessed at any point in time. A painless and beautifully packaged tool to reinspire creatives to collaborate.

How we built it

Bounce was built with scalability in mind. We chose Firebase as the backend for our application because it provides a wide toolset of real-time optimized APIs, like the Firestore database. The Platform lives in the web and is touch-optimized, making it easy to switch devices and to work from afar. For easy deployments and hosting, we make use of Firebase Hosting.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are really delighted with how our product turned out. We had a great time building it and we are excited to see where it goes from here. We especially like our UI/UX Design and think our web app turned out beautifully.

What we learned

Since we are still studying we definitely learned a lot. Working together - especially on too little sleep - can be challenging but definitely makes it more interesting.

What's next for "bounce - get back into your creative flow"

Our proof of concept is finished and running live here.

We would love for our platform to help other creatives out and inspire new crafts as well as new connections. Ideas for expansion:

  • Real-time collaboration on the canvas
  • Notify feedback matches via push notifications
  • Chat feature (& Video calls?)
  • More types of content and markup tools

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